Thursday, April 3, 2014

Is that an Edible Arangement pineapple cupcake pop?

I tossed this cheap container after this use. I love my Easy Lunchboxes so much better!

Notice I have been packing a little more to eat? Well, I noticed that there was next to nothing left over in the lunch boxes. So I figured it was time to pack more. I trained the boys to never toss anything away at school. Yes, it can make the lunch box a mess, but I rarely have lost picks.

Today I have a crust-less PB&J sandwich. After I made it, the boys asked for meat and cheese "sticks". *sighs* I told them no and then changed my mind. It only takes another minute to make them. So sure! Also I have an Edible Arrangement pineapple "cupcake pop". For fruit we have blackberries and blueberries. I added a carrot for crunch. Clark was pleased, Tyke not so much.

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