Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Zombie Truck - PG rated

PB&J sandwiches, string cheese, grapes, blueberries, carrots and
zucchini. The truck is decorated with cheese, turkey, and nori.
Beware the truck that goes up and down your road. It plays happy music and has pictures of yummy ice cream on it. I know it sounds inviting and makes you want to investigate what they have to offer. DON'T!!! It's a trap! Beware, it's the Zombie Truck! Or that's what I tell the minions.

We live about 5 blocks from a lake with a beach and park. So during the summer we have 2 ice cream trucks who pass by. After awhile, 3 little voices chiming for ice cream 2 times a day gets old. Especially when one child will scream and cry for 20 minutes (you would think I never punish him). One day I got the bright idea to tell them that it was the Zombie Truck. Why not! Wheels on the Bus also has a zombie verse. So why can't we have a Zombie Truck.

I taught them it was a bad truck by saying "Oh no! It's the Zombie Truck! You can't have my brains!" every time I heard the music. After a week the boys started to run up to the door, open the inner door and yell "Zombie Truck!!!" every time they heard the music. And that was the end of the crying.

The white van has gotten smart and turns his music off at the corner and leaves it off until he is 3 houses past us. To bad the minons can hear him a block away and wait for him. I think the poor man will be scared for life. The brown truck plays his music but drives by very fast. As of 2 weeks ago, not only is there a chorus of "Zombie Truck", but Tyke now also yells "You can't have my brains!". Yes, I realize this is how they make money, but I assure you, on my section of road they make no money anyway. There are no kids except mine and no adults buy from them.

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