Friday, September 7, 2012

Soccer night bento part 1: The boys

 Sorry it has been so long. My nice camera suddenly stopped working and gave me a lens error. A new camera is not in the budget at the moment due to birthdays, school for 2 kids starting, soccer for 2 kids, and I am also attending classes. It took a bit, but I found an old camera to use for a while.

Clark and Tyke now have soccer 2 nights a week. Unfortunately soccer practice is right at our dinner time. So on soccer nights I now pack a meal and the minions eat it in the car before practice. The Elder comes straight from work to soccer practice and eats with us.
 Today's bento was eaten cold. We have peas, sliced pork chop, a baby red potato, cheddar cheese, a few grapes, and a banana bread muffin made with no sugar. I used apple sauce and a little bit of real honey. Shh... They don't know it's good for them. They actually ate pretty well without to much of a mess. I need to remember to have larger veggies. Clark likes to pick up each pea and eat it instead of a fork/spoon full. He does the same thing with rice.

Tomorrow I will post The Elder's dinner and Colonel Sander's first bento.

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