Friday, September 28, 2012

Soccer night bento part 2: The Elder and Colonel Sanders

The Elder is enjoying his dinner.  I put his in a Rubber maid food container.

This is little Colonel Sander's bento. Yummy! Little miss 8 teeth enjoys her big girl food a little to much. The peas were cooked until they were very soft and then slightly smushed, baked potato, grapes cut into small pieces, and fruit filled shredded wheat. Colonel Sanders loves her shredded wheat.

This cute little container is a side dish container from All Things For Sale.

"Mmmm.... It's fun to eat and watch my brothers play soccer... Or watch one run off the field crying every few minutes. Yep, that's fun too!"

Notice how dainty she is? Must pick it out of the bento with 2 fingers.

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