Monday, January 6, 2014

Pac Man

I tried. I am sure if I put more time or effort into lunches, they would be nicer. Once upon the time I had that drive. Now? No. I am just tired. It is important that my minions enjoy their lunches. I know they love their sandwiches in shapes. So the extra 15 seconds to use a cookie cutter on the sandwich and maybe take 5 seconds to cut an eye out of cheese is worth it.

Today I used a large biscuit cutter to make Pac Man. Then I used a knife to cut out his mouth. I used a piece of mozzarella cheese for the eye. I added a full cheese stick to the lunch for dairy. The apple is their fruit. My minions love to eat whole apples. In the thermos is juice. I prefer to send them with juice to help Clark with his bodily functions... We will leave it at that.

Please note, these lunches are for a 33lb 6 year old and a 32lb 5 year old. I wish they ate more, but they don't. If I am extremely lucky, they will eat this whole lunch. I know for sure the apple will be eaten. Maybe part of the cheese stick, and maybe one of the 2 sandwiches. Unless they are having a "starving" day. If they are, then I will have a near empty lunchbox come home.

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