Monday, August 3, 2015

Why We Pack

I join the kids for lunches when I can. I have to admit, at the end of the school year I was burnt out. Shirley's surprise heart defect and open heart surgery at 2 months of age took a lot out of me. I had weekly visits to the Dr. for a long time on top of everything else. Clark and Karl both had neuro psych evals (3 step process) in a town 3 1/3 hours away. I was just tired. Half the time the kids ate school lunch.

Colonel Sanders

The last week of school I was able to find a sitter and come every day for lunch. I once brought Colonel Sanders with me. Per their request, the boys all had school lunch. Our school offers a "salad bar". It mainly consists of carrots broccoli, a fruit selection, and lettuce. I am impressed that it is offered at the Lower Elementary. Although I saw many plates without any fruit or veggies as I sat there. I had to tell all 3 of mine that they needed to grab some.

Laurence of Arabia eating his Bosco stick.

These are our school lunches. They meet the required guidelines. I have to say that I am saddened. I remember much different lunches when I was their age. We even had leftover soup (veg, spaghetti, and chicken pieces) for a side once a week. That soup was a favorite. You ALWAYS had a vegetable on your plate and you were encouraged to pick up a fruit as well. I remember lunch ladies giving us "the look" and sometimes saying something if we didn't.

My lunch. I don't think it was worth the $3.50. Kids get the same for $2.20.

I am not saying that our lunch staff doesn't care. I KNOW they do. They were happy to see a parent having lunch with the kids. Several stopped and told me how they enjoyed seeing what I made the kids every day. Two mentioned how glad they were to see veggies on the plates of my kids. They wished more kids would eat them. I talked with them a bit as my older kids ran off to recess. It was clear even they were saddened by what they now had to offer for lunches.

Clark picking at his pizza

I once mentioned school lunches to other parents. I was told they were a godsend because their kids were picky eaters. I have 2 picky eaters. One is sensory based (also why I pack). One is not. I saw many of their picky eaters... Many of them barely touched their lunches. You know, that pizza that they love. Maybe 2 bites taken out of it. They ate the goldfish crackers though!

Picky eater. At least he ate his apple and Bosco sticks.
I think mine ate most of their lunches only because I sat there. This year I will pack again. At least I know what my minions are eating. I know they eat a bit more when I pack. How do I know? I taught them to not toss their lunches. So I see all the leftovers.

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