Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lunch that is not lunch or in a bento

Tyke wanted a picture taken with his pear.

Then he decided to put on clothes for lunch after all and is now showing off his not so toasted toast.

The Colonel wanted her picture taken. She was saying "eese!"

Clark and Tyke sharing a space at the table. They decided that lunch needed to be at 11:10am instead of 11:35 (after Clark gets on the bus).


I thought I had taken a picture of lunch, but I guess not. We have scrambled eggs with cheese and ham in it, 1/4 of a pear per child, and a slice of not so toasted toast. And yes, that is a swimsuit on the table. Colonel Sanders found it and decided it was a hat.

Then Aunt Agnes came and shared her "breakfast". She had stuffed hash browns.
 Clark smiling for the camera and Pork is just going crazy on his chair.

Monday, April 22, 2013


The Colonel and Pork waving to Clark's bus.

I have a puzzle cut peanut butter and jelly sandwich, celery, 1/3 of a pear, and stick of string cheese.

Colonel Sanders got the same thing. The only difference is her celery is cut thinner. Plus she got a little extra cheese. While I took Clark out to the bus, she got into Tykes lunch and ate most of his cheese. So I replaced it and gave her the little nub she left for him.


Tyke took one look at the lid and told me this was the best lunch ever. 

Pork put the puzzle together before he ate it.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meijer Gardens trip #1

If you would like to see our whole trip to Meijer Gardens, please click Here

My lunch. Homemade shrimp, garlic, and spinach onigiri, red peppers, melon, and pineapple.

The boys had 3 butterfly sandwiches, organic chocolate cereal, celery and red peppers with dip, a leftover meatball, cheese, kiwi, and pineapple.

The only difference in The Colonel's lunch is that the celery is cut very thin and the meatball is cut up.

I had 5 of these to pack. So I put them in the bottom of my backpack. I loved how the Easy Lunchboxes fit in the bottom.

All 5 loaded up with room for drinks still.

Pork and his lunch.

Clark asking his father for some oranges.

Pork eating again.

Me eating my onigiri and The Colonel having some celery.

Tyke and Oma at lunch.

Every time I make onigiri I think of this song. I was introduced to this anime by Karl.