The Minions & Others

The Minions: Clark, Pork, Colonel Sanders, and Tyke

Clark is the eldest. He will be 5 in June. Clark has Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is high functioning. Clark's preschool group eats their lunch family style. So he eats a school lunch 4 days a week.

Tyke  is 3 1/2. He is the middle boy, very active, and likes to get into everything. Tyke has acid reflux. So there are times his medicine is not keeping it under control and he does not want to eat. I have noticed that since I started to make the minions these fun lunches, he eats a bit more. Even on his bad days.

Pork. Ah yes, he is not complete without either a dirty face or food in his hand. He is 2 years old. If it is put in front of him, he will try it and most likely eat it. Although he seems to enjoy emptying out his bento onto the table before eating it.

Little Miss Colonel Sanders. This little cutie was born November of 2011. Lunch time is normally when she naps, although she has joined us several times at the table. One day she will have her own cute bento.

The Elder -  He is old. How old? OLD! He exists in some weird time space thing and he is older than his own father. Or that is what I tell him. He works at a place I cannot mention. No matter how much I joke about him, I have quite a bit of respect for him. The Elder was born with moderate Cerebral Palsy. It effects his legs, his right hand and arm, and the fine motor skills of his left hand. Despite the hand that was dealt him, he went on to achieve a double Bachelor degrees, struggled in a job market that sees him as his disability and not what he can do, and he never gave up. He now has a nice job which he is very good at and helps others with disabilities.

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