Monday, September 9, 2013

Lunch Punches came!

Please forgive me. I know my pictures are not the greatest. My camera died in the spring so I get my have been using my phone. Sometimes I cannot get my computer to flip the pictures and I fail at any photo editing.

Once again, this lunch was made in under 15 minutes. Mainly because The Elder has leftovers as part of his lunch and I make the sandwiches while the meat for The Elder cooks. I think this lunch was about 13 minutes. Yes, I am out of practice. I am sure as the year goes on I will get faster.

*Not pictured was a mini candy bar in each of the minion lunches that separates the cucumber and the sandwich.

Lunch Punches came!!! So I opted to try them out.

Tyke has a car sandwich with a cheese road, tires, and windshield. Sadly I only had cheddar cheese. I need to keep some mozzarella cheese in the fridge. He also has some cucumber slices, a mini chocolate bar (not pictured) and canned mandarin oranges and pineapple per request.

Clark loves trains. I wish I could find my organic powder food coloring. I could have some quick and lazy fun with it. Clark has a sandwich with cheese window, that piece that moves the wheels (I am so technical), and lazy person train track. Sides are the same as Tyke.

Before I go on to The Elder, today's containers only cost me $3 for the minions. In the Target dollar bin I picked up 2 sandwich boxes for $1 each and the monster containers came 2 for $1.

I have given up trying to make this picture flip. The Elder was given frozen green beans, leftover cheese potatoes, and medium rare steak with mushrooms and onions. I cooked the steak medium rare because by the time he warms it up, it will be medium. Just the way he likes it.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dinosaurs and Angry Birds

The Elder shall be first. Poor man has leftovers from Wednesday. On a bed of fresh spinach he has 2 leftover cupcake lasagna. I added a little more crushed tomatoes and some cheese to the top. He also has a piece of pound cake and 2 little chocolate bars.

Clark requested Angry Birds this time. So I made him 2 large Angry Birds and a small one. All this sits on a bed of spinach. Yes, everyone has spinach today. Clark is the only one who is known to eat it raw. He likes to "eat leaves like dinosaurs". He also has a cheese stick. On top there is pineapple, carrots, and orange pepper.

Tyke wanted dinosaurs. He is actually why I added the spinach. I felt it went with the sandwiches. As always, he has the same side items as Clark. It just makes life easier. He is not a fan of carrots, but I still serve them. One day he may try them and like them.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Angry Birds and Skulls

Sorry this one will just not flip. Clark requested this one. He wanted something spooky. How could I tell him no? Ok, I tell him no a lot. This was something easy though. So I dug out my Halloween cookie cutters and came up with a skull. Clark has strawberries, a carrot (he loves them that way), grapes, a cheese stick, and a yogurt tube.

The Elder has maple chicken, left over homemade cheese potatoes, KitKat bars, and corn.

Tyke wanted Angry Birds again. So I made him birds with my larger cutter and some piggies with the cookie stamps. He also has a broken up cheese stick, grapes, carrots, and strawberries. The tube on top is full of yogurt.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of School

I managed these 3 lunches in 15 minutes. I have to admit, it was helpful that The Elder's was partly leftovers.

Tyke requested Angry Birds. In my ELB I have Angry Birds sandwiches used making a cookie stamp found on Ebay. Separating the sandwiches are organic fruit strips. Also I added grapes, strawberry, carrots, some string cheese and a small PB cup for desert.

Clark wanted World of Goo... Ok then. I admit I am pretty lazy and had no intention of putting faces made out of nori on the grapes. Maybe I should invest in a food marker again. The background is made of sandwiches. The little Goo blobs are grapes cut in half, and I used organic fruit strips to make the little connections. Luckily he knew exactly what it was meant to be. Clark also has grapes, strawberry, carrots (he needs a crunch with every meal for sensory), string cheese, and a pb cup.

Poor Elder had a leftover potato from dinner and some corn (frozen). I had no clue on meat and had nothing left over. I had some hamburger thawed and little imagination. So I made a thin patty, put cheese on half and folded it over. I seasoned it, put it in a fry pan, added fresh mushrooms, and made my sandwiches for the boys while it cooked.  The Elder loved it. Yeah! It just doesn't look pretty.