Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of School

I managed these 3 lunches in 15 minutes. I have to admit, it was helpful that The Elder's was partly leftovers.

Tyke requested Angry Birds. In my ELB I have Angry Birds sandwiches used making a cookie stamp found on Ebay. Separating the sandwiches are organic fruit strips. Also I added grapes, strawberry, carrots, some string cheese and a small PB cup for desert.

Clark wanted World of Goo... Ok then. I admit I am pretty lazy and had no intention of putting faces made out of nori on the grapes. Maybe I should invest in a food marker again. The background is made of sandwiches. The little Goo blobs are grapes cut in half, and I used organic fruit strips to make the little connections. Luckily he knew exactly what it was meant to be. Clark also has grapes, strawberry, carrots (he needs a crunch with every meal for sensory), string cheese, and a pb cup.

Poor Elder had a leftover potato from dinner and some corn (frozen). I had no clue on meat and had nothing left over. I had some hamburger thawed and little imagination. So I made a thin patty, put cheese on half and folded it over. I seasoned it, put it in a fry pan, added fresh mushrooms, and made my sandwiches for the boys while it cooked.  The Elder loved it. Yeah! It just doesn't look pretty.

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