Friday, September 6, 2013

Dinosaurs and Angry Birds

The Elder shall be first. Poor man has leftovers from Wednesday. On a bed of fresh spinach he has 2 leftover cupcake lasagna. I added a little more crushed tomatoes and some cheese to the top. He also has a piece of pound cake and 2 little chocolate bars.

Clark requested Angry Birds this time. So I made him 2 large Angry Birds and a small one. All this sits on a bed of spinach. Yes, everyone has spinach today. Clark is the only one who is known to eat it raw. He likes to "eat leaves like dinosaurs". He also has a cheese stick. On top there is pineapple, carrots, and orange pepper.

Tyke wanted dinosaurs. He is actually why I added the spinach. I felt it went with the sandwiches. As always, he has the same side items as Clark. It just makes life easier. He is not a fan of carrots, but I still serve them. One day he may try them and like them.

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