Monday, September 9, 2013

Lunch Punches came!

Please forgive me. I know my pictures are not the greatest. My camera died in the spring so I get my have been using my phone. Sometimes I cannot get my computer to flip the pictures and I fail at any photo editing.

Once again, this lunch was made in under 15 minutes. Mainly because The Elder has leftovers as part of his lunch and I make the sandwiches while the meat for The Elder cooks. I think this lunch was about 13 minutes. Yes, I am out of practice. I am sure as the year goes on I will get faster.

*Not pictured was a mini candy bar in each of the minion lunches that separates the cucumber and the sandwich.

Lunch Punches came!!! So I opted to try them out.

Tyke has a car sandwich with a cheese road, tires, and windshield. Sadly I only had cheddar cheese. I need to keep some mozzarella cheese in the fridge. He also has some cucumber slices, a mini chocolate bar (not pictured) and canned mandarin oranges and pineapple per request.

Clark loves trains. I wish I could find my organic powder food coloring. I could have some quick and lazy fun with it. Clark has a sandwich with cheese window, that piece that moves the wheels (I am so technical), and lazy person train track. Sides are the same as Tyke.

Before I go on to The Elder, today's containers only cost me $3 for the minions. In the Target dollar bin I picked up 2 sandwich boxes for $1 each and the monster containers came 2 for $1.

I have given up trying to make this picture flip. The Elder was given frozen green beans, leftover cheese potatoes, and medium rare steak with mushrooms and onions. I cooked the steak medium rare because by the time he warms it up, it will be medium. Just the way he likes it.

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