Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bagel sandwich lunch

Lunch! I know most kindergartners eat more than this. Mine don't. For lunch we have half of an asiago cheese bagel from Panera Bread with ham and honey mustard, a cheese stick, raisins, piece of chocolate (hidden under raisins), and half of a blood orange.

And then the top would not fit on one of the containers. *sighs* Really? I decided to dig out one of the round containers since they were much deeper. That led to another issue, the container was no longer packed tight. I don't know why that drives me nuts, but it does. It is taking a lot of restraint to not pack more food. I am sure he will not eat all of his lunch as is. That is not what keeps me from packing more though. What keeps me from doing so is, I do not want one child to feel I love the other more. Easy fix, right? Just put the other lunch in a round container. Nope. I would rather sit here with a nagging feeling of there being empty space... Mama has serious issues.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Quick lunch

Lunch, ahh yes. I told myself that from now on, there is no more store bought, pre sliced in a nice little bag bread. No more. What did I fail to do this weekend? Bake bread.  I then thought I would make lunch crepes. Then I realized it was late at night and after bowling I had no intention of doing so. DIY cracker, cheese and meat? YES! I loved that idea. Till I realized that my crackers were all broken. BOO!
This unique lunch is what came out of my laziness and desperation. I suppose I could have run up to the corner store (2 minutes if that).

I cannot get this to rotate. So sorry!

I have organic chicken apple sausage on tooth toothpicks, string cheese, half of a blood orange, a baby banana, organic bunny crackers, and a piece of candy left from Winter Holiday.

I could have used sliced ham, but I chose not to. I know Tyke really likes this sausage.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fish and Minion and a molded rice lunch

I put a little more effort than and time into lunch today. I think it took me a whole 10 minutes for all 3 lunches. The Elder has leftovers. Easy lunch right there!

I put just a hair more effort into it this morning. I cut a banana down and tried to make it into a minion. Like it? I was to lazy to put him in overalls.

This is picture number 666 on my phone. 
For lunch we have a pack of fruit snacks that I am trying to get out of the house, a pack of raisins with a minion sticker on it, 3 fish sandwiches (yes, I know it does not belong), and some yogurt in the disposable container.

This picture is sideways, but can you tell what I molded the rice and turkey casserole into? It is a train. I used a cookie cutter and packed the rice in. Then I let it chill over night and removed the cookie cutter from the lunch. It was set. The Elder said it held up pretty well.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2nd lunch of the New Year

Sometimes sandwich containers make my life so much easier. I can easily pack 2 into a lunchbox and have room for a veggie container and juice.

Lunches for the boys. Turkey sandwiches. Tyke has a thing for dinosaurs as of late. Clark picked out a car. I also added a Kit Kat and string cheese that is partly opened. Don't worry, it does not dry out of get ucky before lunch.

They have grapes and carrots for their fruit and veggie. Clark will eat his carrots. The sensory input he gets from them is great. I added some dip in hopes Tyke would eat it... Yeah, no luck.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Pac Man

I tried. I am sure if I put more time or effort into lunches, they would be nicer. Once upon the time I had that drive. Now? No. I am just tired. It is important that my minions enjoy their lunches. I know they love their sandwiches in shapes. So the extra 15 seconds to use a cookie cutter on the sandwich and maybe take 5 seconds to cut an eye out of cheese is worth it.

Today I used a large biscuit cutter to make Pac Man. Then I used a knife to cut out his mouth. I used a piece of mozzarella cheese for the eye. I added a full cheese stick to the lunch for dairy. The apple is their fruit. My minions love to eat whole apples. In the thermos is juice. I prefer to send them with juice to help Clark with his bodily functions... We will leave it at that.

Please note, these lunches are for a 33lb 6 year old and a 32lb 5 year old. I wish they ate more, but they don't. If I am extremely lucky, they will eat this whole lunch. I know for sure the apple will be eaten. Maybe part of the cheese stick, and maybe one of the 2 sandwiches. Unless they are having a "starving" day. If they are, then I will have a near empty lunchbox come home.