Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fish and Minion and a molded rice lunch

I put a little more effort than and time into lunch today. I think it took me a whole 10 minutes for all 3 lunches. The Elder has leftovers. Easy lunch right there!

I put just a hair more effort into it this morning. I cut a banana down and tried to make it into a minion. Like it? I was to lazy to put him in overalls.

This is picture number 666 on my phone. 
For lunch we have a pack of fruit snacks that I am trying to get out of the house, a pack of raisins with a minion sticker on it, 3 fish sandwiches (yes, I know it does not belong), and some yogurt in the disposable container.

This picture is sideways, but can you tell what I molded the rice and turkey casserole into? It is a train. I used a cookie cutter and packed the rice in. Then I let it chill over night and removed the cookie cutter from the lunch. It was set. The Elder said it held up pretty well.

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