Monday, January 13, 2014

Quick lunch

Lunch, ahh yes. I told myself that from now on, there is no more store bought, pre sliced in a nice little bag bread. No more. What did I fail to do this weekend? Bake bread.  I then thought I would make lunch crepes. Then I realized it was late at night and after bowling I had no intention of doing so. DIY cracker, cheese and meat? YES! I loved that idea. Till I realized that my crackers were all broken. BOO!
This unique lunch is what came out of my laziness and desperation. I suppose I could have run up to the corner store (2 minutes if that).

I cannot get this to rotate. So sorry!

I have organic chicken apple sausage on tooth toothpicks, string cheese, half of a blood orange, a baby banana, organic bunny crackers, and a piece of candy left from Winter Holiday.

I could have used sliced ham, but I chose not to. I know Tyke really likes this sausage.

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