Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bagel sandwich lunch

Lunch! I know most kindergartners eat more than this. Mine don't. For lunch we have half of an asiago cheese bagel from Panera Bread with ham and honey mustard, a cheese stick, raisins, piece of chocolate (hidden under raisins), and half of a blood orange.

And then the top would not fit on one of the containers. *sighs* Really? I decided to dig out one of the round containers since they were much deeper. That led to another issue, the container was no longer packed tight. I don't know why that drives me nuts, but it does. It is taking a lot of restraint to not pack more food. I am sure he will not eat all of his lunch as is. That is not what keeps me from packing more though. What keeps me from doing so is, I do not want one child to feel I love the other more. Easy fix, right? Just put the other lunch in a round container. Nope. I would rather sit here with a nagging feeling of there being empty space... Mama has serious issues.

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