Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pizza Muffins

Have I ever mentioned my love for the Dollar Tree? I can pick up holiday themed food picks and the cupcake liners for $1! Can't beat that!

This morning I was feeling a little bored with sandwiches. The minions? They really didn't care. They will eat sandwiches every day of the week... Except when they want hot lunch. This is also my effort in keeping them from wanting school lunch. Something different is good.

This morning I made little pizza muffins! Last week I saw a post that used dough, eggs, and bacon to make breakfast muffins. I thought that would make a pretty good lunch item if I changed the contents. So my pizza muffins have a little sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.  Add a little egg wash on top and they are ready to go in the toaster oven.

For lunch we have carrots, grapes, mini chocolate chips, sunflower seeds with dried prunes, and the pizza muffins.

For snack we have raisins, banana chips, sunflower seeds (a current favorite) and pumpkin seeds.

Here is the link to the post on the breakfast muffins.

You certainly don't need to use the canned muffins.  This would work too. You can make some so they are ready to go for future use. Or you can use the leftover dough to make rolls for dinner. Either way, it all works out in the end.

Here is a moment of happiness for everyone, the best of Grumpy Cat. I love Grumpy Cat.

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