Monday, March 5, 2012

Mail time!

Sorry! No bento today. I just did a very quick sandwich shape lunch on a rocket ship plate and called it good. The minions did not mind. They love some of their fun plates too. All the below were purchased off of Ebay.

 This is the only bento that came. This came as a group for the same price as the bento alone should have been. So I could not resist. I admit that I do not use the food separator sheets to much. I figure I will save those for a give away when I hit 100 minion bentos or something.  I am excited to have 2 small Hello Kitty food cups and the fish mold.

Ah yes, more food picks! These were in the blue envelope.

More ham and cheese cutters! I had been wanting this set. I noticed I have a bunch of bentos but I am lacking cutters.

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