Friday, September 18, 2015


We have some new magnets for our lunches. Ok, we have more than a few. The boys' father is gifted in photography and web design. I asked him if he could put together some magnets for the boys to fit their interests or to match with cookie cutters I have. Today we are using those. I have Karl's lunch featured. Clark had World of Goo for his magnet and Laurence had Batman.

The snack containers all had this minion magnet set on them. I have a minion banana, carrots, and a cheese stick. The minion eyes were purchased off Amazon.

This was taken in our morning rush. The boys did not want to get ready today. This is Karl's lunch with Pac Man magnets. They all had minion sandwiches on a minion baking cup, a minion banana, carrots, tomatoes (Clark's request), a cheese stick that says "You are one in a Minion.", and chocolate covered raisins.

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