Monday, August 6, 2012

3 Bite rule

A special thank you to Clark for the art work
I am trying to enforce a 3 bite rule in the house. I realize that is something you really need to start out young. I am not giving up though. I have always encouraged the boys to wat what was served and I refuse to be a short order cook. You eat or not. I know not everyone is a fan of that philosophy, but that is how we roll in this house.

Today's lunch is pasta with a tomato paste and olive oil sauce (so much better than it sounds), zucchini, red bell peppers, 3 slices of mini portabella mushrooms, and 3 small meatballs. I also have a small cocktail fork for some added fun. As a reminder to the 3 bite rule I have it made out of processed cheese.

Yes, I know it would look better if it said 3 bites. Sadly, I am still missing some of my letters. My E is also missing. I used an F to make my E today.

You think the underpants gnomes have switched to swiping cookie cutters?

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