Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Very Quick Mechanic Lunch

Today was a super rush job. We managed to kill the motor in our dishwasher. So we picked out a new one and scheduled to have it put in later in the afternoon of the following day. Well, guess what? They came early! I received the warning call right as I was making the sandwiches. So in a rush, I quickly put together some apple cars, made Colonel Sanders her sandwich and got everyone upstairs and out of the way.

We have a Biscoff and jelly sandwiches in the shape of a car, wrench, and mechanic shop. I did not have a small car cutter, so I used the back side of my car egg mold. If I pressed the bread flat, it worked rather well.

The car cars are made from a small apple and have cheese for wheels. Apple slices run under the sandwiches. Each box has a full small apple. The minions were pleased. They love apples.

Countdown: 7

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