Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fish Sandwiches

Today's lunch consists of nitrate free salami and turkey on a food pick, strawberries, cheese, and fish shaped peanut butter sandwiches. I used my fish rice mold to make the sandwiches.
Clark relaxing in my bed while The Colonel takes a rare nap

This week is the last full week of school for Tyke. Next week he has class Tuesday and Thursday. Clark goes for another 2 weeks. I am very excited for them both to be entering kindergarten next year. I met Clark's teacher at the IEP for next year and she seems nice and willing to work as a team with the parents. Yeah!

I hope to be doing better on lunches from now on. We will have several summer trips as well as going to the park. I said I would update on what is going on (why I have been in and out so much) and I have decided to finally share. Please check HERE.


  1. Just not on FB. lol Thanks! :-)

  2. I think if I tried to mould sandwiches with an egg mould I'd end up in a right pickle!
    I make enough mess with cookie cutters :)

  3. I have used egg molds before! You need to get that really processed and super soft white bread and pack it super tight so it will come back out.

    I was probably to lazy to blog it though. I have been seriously slacking on lunches. *sighs* One month till school begins and lunches are to be made! I have 2 full time and 1 part time minion in school this year!