Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tyke's field trip lunch.

I know I said I would explain some things last Friday and I didn't. I am sorry. There have been several things going on in our household and it has taken some time to adjust and readjust. Once things have resettled again I will post something in Silly Minions.

Tyke's class is going on a field trip today and they needed a disposable lunch. Sadly, I have no pictures. Tyke's preschool class does not allow siblings on 98% of the field trips (unlike Clark's class). So we are never able to accompany Tyke on any of them.

I opted to use a strawberry container. We have no paper bags and I had no desire to use 3 or 4 plastic bags anyway. I did line the bottom with some plastic wrap. I know melon sometimes sweats a bit.

I then added my semi frozen yogurt tube. These are considered a huge treat in our house. Sometimes I freeze them and give them to the kids as popsicles in the summer. I have to be careful with dairy and warm days though. Tyke has acid reflux and that makes his belly a little picky.

Next I added the barn, chick, and cow sandwiches. Hmm.... This is not as full as I like it. I know he may not eat all of this, but I really do not like things moving about in his container.

So I added some cheese and a desert item (left over from his school birthday treat),

Sandwiches back one.... and that still is not quite doing it for me. I know I waste food... Then again, he could be having a day where he is super hungry. Those happen. I have seen him eat 3 whole sandwiches plus other lunch items in one sitting.

Instead of a water bottle I decide to give him one of The Elder's drinks. :-) It fits perfect in there. Shh... The Elder never has to know....

Repack the cheese and sandwiches and.... PERFECT!

The top of the container.

I am not mean enough to send an ugly looking top. So I printed up a picture that goes with his lunch. The farm has nothing to do with his field trip. The only reason the farm was picked was because that was the first set of cookie cutters my hands landed on.

I used 2 paper strips to cover up his name... because I could.

Picture from the side... notice nothing moves..

The other side. Good! Everything is secure!!!!

Here is Tyke holding his lunch. Aww, he's so handsome!

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