Saturday, April 21, 2012

Early morning soccer game bento breakfast.

Clark is in soccer this spring. Our game time varies week to week (12 teams this spring!). This morning our game time is 9am. Since I am assistant coach I have to be there an extra 30 minutes early to help set up the field on the 9am game mornings. This means we have to leave the house at 8am. The minions are up at 7am or before normally, so that is not an issue. Although I would like to keep them a little distracted while I do my thing. I figured breakfast at the field would do the trick! To make the morning go a little smoother, I made bentos the night before.

Or that was the plan... I woke up with a fever this morning, my throat is a little rough, and my ears hurt. Right now (8:30am) it is about 36* outside. Needless to say, we will not be going. Although breakfast was already made!

Today's letter is B. Actually most of the next week will be B. I will get to that later though. On top we have a ham and cheese cold omelet. On top of that is the letter B. Below that are several pieces of rolled ham. Under that are 4 lemon honey french toast butterflies. To the right is a nice large strawberry and some grapes.

Ahh, yes, I know there is a sword pick. Why? Well you need something for them to eat with! They are little boys after all!

For the next week we will pretty much have butterfly lunches. Clark's class is going to the butterfly exhibit on Thursday. The other minions and I will meet him there and join his class. So I am trying to build up a little excitement with the boys.

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