Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our lunch for the Bunny Train

This lunch was inspired by Keeley McGuire. In one of her blog posts she used a strawberry container as a bento box. Since then, I have been saving all of mine for those out of the house trips. This was my first chance to put it to the test! We decided to have a picnic before we boarded the train.

On the bottom (you can barely see them) there are pretzels. On top of that I have carrot sticks, peanut
The Elder and Pork
butter sandwich trains, strawberries, string cheese, and a brownie made with applesauce. On top of all of this I placed a juice packet (Kool Aid). It kept everything in place. I made this up early in the morning and the pretzels were still crisp at lunch (12:30pm). I was impressed. I wan even more impressed with how the juice box kept the carrot sticks and everything else from moving about. I let the boys carry their boxes. We all know how 2, 3, and 4 year olds can me!

The train was very fun. It is run by volunteers. They had the Easter Bunny and her helpers come around to see everyone and they gave all the kids a small gift. They even gave Colonel Sanders a small stuffed rabbit. The boys all picked out cars. The whole thing lasted about an hour and 15 minutes.

I would also recommend the Coopersville & Marne train to everyone. Two members of our family have disabilities. One is physical (Cerebral Palsy) and one is not (high functioning Autistic). They were kind and offered us help. We were not rushed as we tried to get on and off the train.

Bento of the Week

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