Wednesday, April 18, 2012

R is for Random

R is for Random. Why? Because I really need to go shopping but do not wish to take 4 sick minions out with me. I could wait till the Elder gets home, but then I still have to take Colonel Sanders with me. For dinners and breakfasts we are fine. Lunch stuff and fresh fruit, not so much.

So today's lunch is a bunch of random stuff that probably does not normally go together. Good thing the minions are young and don't really care.

Today's lunch sits on a bed of lettuce. I have a devil egg chick sitting in a nest of rice noodles. To the right of that is a Boca Burger R with processed cheese on top. Also there are 2 wedges (1/2 a burger) of a Boca Burger. Below that is a baby dill pickle and some carrot sticks.

*I forgot to add that this bento was purchased from All Things For Sale.

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