Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Simple Sandwich

Today's peanut butter and jelly sandwich was made using half a hot dog bun. I added in 2 skewers with ham and a piece of bread and butter pickle. The bottom tier has a piece of salami, cucumber slices, small pear pieces, and string cheese

This one is the same as above. I just used a different container. The eyes on the sandwich are candy eyes. I found them in the cake decorating aisle at the grocery store. I use peanut butter to make them stick. The mouth is a cheerio. 

The Colonel's lunch. She had the same thing as the boys, only most of it is cut up into smaller pieces. I do not bother cutting the sandwich because she has a full mouth of teeth and does rather well. 

I decided to let everyone stay in pjs if they wanted to since people are still a little ill here. Pork decided he wanted to stay in his dinosaur pjs.

He is so cute. I am not sure what he was thinking, but the expression on his face made me smile.

Clark and Tyke eating their lunches. These two boxes have matching bottoms, but the tops are different. One is Thomas and the other is Cars. I wish I could find a Dinosaur bento for Pork.

I gave all the boys haircuts. It took 2 days to get Clark's cut. Poor kids cannot handle the sensation of his hair being cut. We decided to take longer to do it rather than upset him all at once and listen to him scream and meltdown for hours afterwards. Clark is still quite overstimulated from Christmas.

The Colonel is enjoying her lunch. She has decided that she prefers to stand in a chair over sitting in her highchair. I do have a booster seat, but she plays around with it and ends up falling out. I thought she would learn the first few times to sit still. Nope! So I just let her stand. It makes it much easier for me to enjoy my lunch if she stays in her chair.

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