Monday, March 18, 2013

Ham, pickle, and cream cheese

The Elder and Julie had cold lunches today. In the Easy Lunchbox we have Monkey Bread, carrot sticks, celery sticks and ham, pickle, green onion, and cream cheese rolls.

Tyke and Pork have almost the same thing. I did not add green onion to their ham rolls. Also they have a cheese stick and some organic peanut butter to dip their carrot and celery sticks in. I added a little cheese rocket.

I have to admit that Colonel Sanders' lunch looks nicer than her brothers. She has the same thing only I steamed the carrots and celery just a little bit so that they were not to hard, but still firm. I also cut her ham rolls into smaller pieces.

Easy Lunchboxes can be purchased through

The boxes the minions used today were found at Target (I bought them 3 days ago) and were in the area where they have the kids plates and cups. They were on the same shelf all the way at the bottom and costed $4.99.

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