Friday, March 15, 2013

Pasta and an Octopus

I had some leftover sausage from making lunches for The Elder and Julie. They had already ate it 2 days this week so I figured I would give it to the minions for lunch. The top meal was what the boys had. The only difference between theirs and The Colonel's lunch was that her fruit was cut up smaller. She does just fine with sausage, so I had no left it whole.

Lunch in our Easy Lunchboxes today! We have carrot sticks (slightly steamed for Colonel Sanders), strawberries, grapes, cheese cubes, tri colored pasta, and a turkey sausage octopus with whole wheat spaghetti legs.

The Colonel Decided to eat the legs off first.

So did Pork. The octopus is always a huge hit around here!

Look at that! Clark ate the legs off too! 

Tyke was not very happy with me. First I would not allow him to watch tv, then I made him take his acid meds, then I forced him to eat at the table. *gasps* I know, I am a mean mama.

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