Saturday, October 6, 2012

Soccer Game Bento Lunch! Pt 1 ~ The boys

More artwork thanks to a minion.
 You see that little container? That is my newest addition! I have 8 little Mini Dippers from Easy Lunch Boxes. I love them! Even Pork Chop can open them up! I used them today to to put "bird food" in. Yes, that is what the minions have dubbed dried cranberries and sunflower seeds. I also hid 2 scooby gummies in them.

Yes, there is a whole sandwich in there. It is cut in half and stacked. I know it is a little on the small size, but it is VERY dense bread. I made a loaf of whole wheat quick bread. Wow, you could make bricks out of that stuff! Anyway, I also gave the minions red pears and a cheese stick

 The Elder had some not so healthy food. He insists that he needs to have chips with is lunch on the weekends. So I gave him chips, a piece of string cheese, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a few pieces of pear.

Tyke is eating his "bird seed". Isn't he handsome in his soccer gear?

The Elder relaxing while watching the minions play soccer.

Clark and Pork with their lunches

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