Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our first Easy Lunch Box ~ meat dinosaur

* Special news at the bottom!

I LOVE my Easy Lunch Boxes and I haven't even used them yet! The boxes are thicker than the other brands. This will com in handy when The Elder takes them to work. It is harder for him to grab and hang onto things with his disability. So sometimes things get smashed. As you can see, there is plenty of room for food. Today's lunch is for The Elder. I finally have talked him into packing a lunch instead of taking a microwave meal. 

I am sure this is not what he had in mind. Poor, poor Elder. Hahaha. Ok, I don't feel bad at all. They all know I am crazy.

I attempted to make 2 dinosaurs out of ground meat. Sadly they didn't hold up to well. I used 2 dinosaur food pick heads to make them look better. I hope The Elder returns with them. Also we have a volcano made out of homemade mashed potatoes with some butter under the carrot lava. In addition to that, we have some steamed broccoli.

The last compartment did not come out as well as planned. Believe it or not, what looks like stewed tomatoes is really cooked apples with the skins left on (red), cinnamon, lemon juice, and a little raw sugar.

Special News!!!!
Only 11 more bento lunches until we have a give away to celebrate our 100th posted bento lunch! Yeah!!!!

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