Monday, October 29, 2012

Matching Daddy and Minion Domo Lunches

Today I made matching lunches for everyone. I really think that making lunches the night before for everyone is the way to go. At least for now. We will see how it works if I get this job. 

The Elder is special so I put a mini green cheesecake in his lunch. Below that is some apple & cranberry crumble (that is what we call it) with an oat topping. The Domo were made out of beer bread, ham, cheese and nori eyes. I used mustard to hold everything into place. I also added some carrots.

 The minions had a very similar bento. I used my Sassy boxes for them. I used mustard to hold on the face of the Domo but not on the inside. Their sandwich is also ham on beer bread. I sliced their baby carrots thin and added in some mozzarella cheese.

To the left is more of the crumble. Yes, there is quite a bit. Do I feel bad? NO!!! I made this myself. It is quite healthy in my humble opinion.

The boys are still ill and to top it off, there was no school today. So Clark is home today and enjoying lunch with us. Also getting out of you pjs was optional.

Sadly the cheddar and herb beer bread was not a hit with the little ones. The boys ate the faces off the bread and the meat center.

Colonel Sanders also joined us for lunch. Normally she would eat a little later. She had no interest in lunch. She just sat there and talked to her brothers while they all ate. Finally I gave up on her eating and put her on the floor to play.

Oh look! Someone is eating!  I left the room for just a minute and one of the boys decided that Colonel Sanders looked hungry. I am pretty sure it was Pork who gave her the lunch on the floor. Apparently that is what she wanted! Colonel Sanders dug right in. I should have known she would want it out of a bento. I had just put her lunch on her high chair tray.

The crumble was actually pretty easy to make. I cut up apples into small pieces, put them in a simmering pan, added cranberries, some water, a touch of honey (maybe a teaspoon) and a touch of vanilla and cinnamon. I let it simmer for a bit until the fruit was soft and the mixture had become thick. I think it took about 15-20 minutes. To be honest, I am one of those bad cooks that just tends to put things on low and walk away. I come and check on it once I smell something yummy. I don't do it with everything, but with anything that needs to simmer for a bit.

Once it has thickened, I turn the heat off and let it cool for a bit. Then I place it into dishes. Using the same pan, I melt some real butter in it. Add a touch of honey and let it melt together. After the butter is melted I give it a good stir and then add some rolled oats. I do not suggest using the quick cook. I am told they come out mushy. I add enough oats so that the oats are all coated, but that is it. I do not want them to fully cook or for there to be standing liquid. I keep the heat on medium for a minute and give the oats, butter, and honey mixture a minute to toast a bit and then I take it off the heat. Immediately spoon it over the top of the fruit. As it cools it will harden. Any leftovers can be eaten or added to the top of yogurt. I did both.  The minions really like a little bit of crisp topping on their morning yogurt sometimes.

Countdown: 3

Only 3 more lunches until we reach our 100th lunch!!!!