Thursday, November 1, 2012

Leftover Chicken Tenders

The Elder loves my fried chicken. I try to keep him happy and make some form of it once a week or so. This time I went way overboard. I had some chicken that sat in the fridge almost to long. It was cook the breasts or toss them. So I sliced them all up into tenders and fried them up. Needless to say, we not only had it for dinner, but we will be eating it for the next 2 lunches.

In the main compartment of The Elder's Easy Lunch Box we have homemade stuffing made out of the left over pieces from the Domo lunch. I added onion, carrots, mushroom, and some beef stock. On top of that sits my chicken tenders. I was a little to tired and not feeling to creative. The first picks I found were the umbrella ones. So I grabbed the grape tomatoes and added those to the picks. What can I use for rain? The only colorful item I can find is matchstick carrots.

To the left we have a mini apple cranberry pie. Below that we have great peas. Mmm... Peas.

 Are you surprised to see this bento box? I know, long time no see! We will start with the blue bottom tier. The boys have a mini apple cranberry pie, strawberries, and a spaghetti, egg, and cheese cupcake. I know that sounds odd, but it is really yummy! The spaghetti was a leftover from 2 days prior.

The top tier has some of our leftover fried chicken tenders and some red seedless grapes.
Colonel Sanders had her own bento. I took all the crisp pieces and top off the spaghetti and egg cupcake. I also gave her finely diced strawberries, finely diced chicken tender, and baby peas.

She was very happy to be given a good item larger than the small pieces she is use to. Colonel Sanders seems to think she can eat anything . She started to yell at us and refuse her puree food because she wanted something more. The Colonel wanted little chunks. So in efforts to please her, I feed her what we eat and just make sure that it is soft enough for me to smash easily between my fingers. The eggs keep the spaghetti very soft. Colonel Sanders very happily ate the spaghetti cupcake first.

WE ARE AT #99!!! Do you know what that means? Stay tuned for tomorrow!

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