Tuesday, November 6, 2012

cheater ravioli and kabob minion lunch.

Once again I had problems deciding what to make for lunch. The Elder is not a fan of leftovers. He says I can pack them, but I know him better than that. As I looked through my fridge, I remembered I had wonton wrappers. I swear those things are handy. They are pretty cheap too! I thought about making lasagna cupcakes again, but I was thinking of having those for dinner later this week. So I decided to make mushroom and cheese ravioli.

I know it sounds odd, but it is pretty good. If you are use to the thicker pasta ravioli, it takes a time or two to get use to. I cut up baby portabella mushrooms, added mozzarella cheese, and some Italian seasoning. Then I placed it in the wonton wrapper, used a little egg wash on the edges, and sealed it up. Then I placed them in boiling water for about a minute. I poured some tomato sauce into the bottom of my Easy Lunch Box and placed them on top. I made up some meatballs and turned them into octopus  Then I created a little sea floor using peas, mushroom, pearl mozzarella balls, carrots, and tomato pieces.

To the right of that I have the last of the apple and cranberry mini pies. I used a blackberry and a food pick to make a flower so it was not so boring. Below that is some steamed broccoli with some seasoning salt. 

The minions are not a fan of ravioli. So I made them 2 kabobs with nitrate free salami and mozzarella cheese. I also gave them some snap peas, baby carrots, mozzarella cheese pearls, a piece of broccoli, and blackberries.

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