Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stuffed Manicotti and Chicken

 Remember how I said we would have several lunches with that leftover chicken tenders? Well this is the last of it.  Like so many other times, we will start with the large compartment. You cannot see it very well, but under the chicken tenders and homemade tomato sauce, there are 2 homemade cheese and herb manicotti. I have small zucchini stars on top of the tomato sauce.

To the left we have a orange mini cheesecake. This time I remembered that it is hard for The Elder to get the wrapper off with his one hand. So I took that off ahead of time. Under that are green peas.

 For the boys I decided to use my Sassy lunch box. There are chicken tenders and matchstick carrots on the left. I have zucchini stars decorating this lunch as well.

On the right I have some sliced zucchini. Under that I gave the boys 2 cheese and herb stuffed shells. I added a little cheddar to their shells since they really enjoy its sharp flavor. I also have a grape tomato on a food pick. I know it is a little out of place, but I am trying to get the minions to eat tomatoes. I told them it was a red grape.

Colonel Sanders also has her own bento. She has sliced red grapes, steamed matchstick carrots, steamed thin sliced zucchini slices, and a cheese stuffed shell. The jumbo shells are normally left a little firm so they will hold up to being stuffed and baked. I made sure to cook her shell for just a little longer so that it was soft.

Today's boxes:
Easy Lunchboxes
Sassy On the Go Feeding Set
Small one tier bento from All Things For Sale

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