Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rocket Ship

I was given some quinoa from a friend. It sat in my pantry for several weeks. I had no clue what to do with it. Finally I got tired of it looking at me every time I went looking in there for something, so I decided to use it. I am glad I did. I admit it is a little bland, but it is pretty good. For The Elder's lunch I cooked the quinoa in some chicken stock. Sitting on top of that is some lemon pepper pork with a rocket made out of cheese. I also added some fresh diced tomatoes and cilantro for some extra flavor.  To the left of that I have some peas and Hershey mint kisses for desert.

The boys argued with me when they saw sliced cheese. So they did not get a rocket ship. I ran out of bread, so they got a hot dog biscoff and jelly sandwich  snap peas and carrots. To the right of that they have a cheese stick broken in half and some Halloween marshmallows for desert. 

Tyke looking goofy.
Pork is happy to eat.

Colonel Sanders had no intentions of sitting down to eat. So I put her down and she happily walked around eating her sandwich.

Ready for some exciting news? Aunt Julie will be living with us for a little bit! All the minions are very excited.

For this lunch I used Easy Lunchboxes

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