Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Odd Mix Of Items

Today's lunch is an odd mix of items. I could not please anyone at breakfast, so I decided to just give up for lunch. I'll put a little bit of things together and just see what they do. For lunch we have some slices of kiwi, summer squash, radish  carrots, a snap pea, some pieces of cheese, sunbutter crackers, and a ELB Mini Dipper with Italian dressing. 

This one was actually made several days ago. I made several lunches together and I just realized I had not posted this one. I have chicken breast stuffed with ricotta cheese, herbs, and broccoli sitting on a bed of bow-tie pasta and sauce. I sliced two tomatoes to make flowers. To the right of that I have a berry crumble and mixed veggies.

Colonel Sanders is blessing her lunch with her light saber before she eats it. Isn't she cute? She just learned how to undress herself. So I let her eat without clothes. She is much easier to clean up that way anyway.

Pork seems pretty excited over his carrot stick.

Tyke wanted nothing to do with the Italian dressing. Hmm...

What is this? This is my newest project. We are in week 2 and hopefully at the end of recovery of the Kefir grains.

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