Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lunch "on sticks"

Someone knows what time it is! Yes, she saw me pick up the boxes and went right for her chair.

One of the boys made the background for me. Sadly the glue does not dry clear.

Tyke was requesting his lunch "on sticks". So I happily complied. We have strawberries, blueberries, and a piece of fresh pineapple on long heart picks. Also I made 2 that has sliced turkey and cheese. Also in the container is a snap pea, date, slice of red pepper, slice of summer squash, and some radish.

The first thing Colonel Sanders grabbed for was her slice of summer squash.

Pork debating on what to eat first.

Do you think Tyke is hungry? Look at him shove that turkey into his mouth!

"I no eat bean phone. I feed to guinea pigs!"

Still enjoying her lunch.

Today in our Easy Lunchboxes we have steamed carrots, some peppermint kisses and quinoa with pork and pears.

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