Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our friend came over...

Clark, Pork, and Colonel Sanders lunch

I have been kinda out of it recently. Lots going on and I am afraid I have been a little depressed. I still make lunches, but I do not always take pictures or blog. Thank you to all who still come here and look to see if I have posted.

T's Lunch

Today we have the same lunch, 3 different ways. We had a guest over and I know she loves Hello Kitty. She also does not like cheese. In addition to that, Tyke had decided that he no longer wants his lunch "cut". He wants his sandwich whole. Clark and Pork still want "lunch cut". So I tried to please most people.

Tyke's Lunch
We had organic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, The cut outs were of a reindeer and made of either ham or salami (Nitrate free), cheese, and fruit on picks.

I just had to make this one large. Look at Colonel Sanders stuff her ham into her mouth! Doesn't she make a cute Pooh Bear? This poor outfit was bought used and it has now been worn by all 4 minions! The Colonel likes it so much that she would "yell" at us if we put the hood down. This is not a costume either.

Pork chop would not stop moving his head. I think he was overly excited over his reindeer.

Tyke, T, and Clark. Sorry, I do not feel right posting a child's face if they are not my own minion. T actually lifted the cat lid herself and asked me to take a picture. Notice Clark decided to copy her.

This was my lunch. Left over homemade chicken noodle soup... minus the broth because I did not want it to get mushy over night. It still tasted very yummy!

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