Friday, December 21, 2012

Packing Their Own Lunch. - Picture Heavy

Tyke putting peanut butter on a homemade mini roll. Well, maybe not a roll per say, I used bread dough, flattened it, let it rise a little and baked it to make little bread rounds to use for sandwiches.

Oh look, he wants to make sure you knew he was using his Spiderman box (we found it at Walmart).  Tyke loves Spiderman.

I set out the veggie tray and pre cut fruit for Tyke to pick what he wanted. I lucked out and both were on sale this week. I love it! It was cheaper for me to buy these than it was to buy the same weight in non cut fruit and veggies. Unless I just bought carrots and spinach. The minions are not a fan of spinach though.

What a good boy! Tyke picked some cauliflower all by himself. I gave no direction other than to remind them to only take what they will eat.


You ever wonder why their hair looks this way sometimes? Clark is Autistic with Sensory Processing Disorder. Clark thrives on a loose routine. We have certain things we do on school days and we can add in other activities, but on school days we always take a bath. He will refuse to get on his coat if he does not have a bath. We have learned that he becomes very excited on the bus (he is on it for 45 minutes). To help him regulate that excitement, we needed to provide him with some sort of sensory input before he gets on the bus. We chose to use the bath tub because personal hygiene is a very good habit to get into. Especially for someone who needs any sort of routine . Also, Clark loves water. Water helps calm him on really bad days. Luckily we moved into a house with a very large tub.

Forty-five minutes before it is time to get on the bus, I put all the boys in the bath tub. They have a great time in there. Clark never wants to get out. Fortunately we are the very first stop the bus has, so our pick up time is very consistent. Ten minutes before the bus comes I get Clark and any remaining male minion out of the tub. Most of the time Tyke and Pork are already out and dressed, but sometimes not. I get everyone dry, dressed, and Clark out the door for the bus. While we wait for the bus I encourage him to run in circles, pull the wagon, or some other activity. On really bad days we do joint compressions until the bus comes. Those days I have to carry Clark onto the bus kicking and screaming, put him in his seat, and fasten him into the harness. By the end of the bus ride he is normally calm enough for one of his class aides to get him off the bus with little problems.

Anyway, back to Tyke's hair. Tyke had just gotten out of the bath about 10 minutes prior to this and his hair was still wet. He likes to comb it once it dries. That is why their hair sometimes looks a bit off.

Pork's turn!

Mmm... Peanut butter. I picked my Organic peanut butter today because it is much easier for Pork to spread. Biscoff and Sunbutter are a little to thick for him.

Pork Chop spreading peanut butter on his bread. He was so proud of himself.

THIS is why Pork always goes last with fruit picking. He picked out every last grape and blueberry. Never mind he most likely will not eat them all. I had to swipe some of them out of his box for Colonel Sanders.

Finally picking some other fruit.

Lunch! All the fruit and one or 2 carrots are hidden under the ham. They insisted they wanted some.

Don't worry, we did not forget Colonel Sanders!

 Her bento is a snack box from All Things For Sale. The Colonel loved her lunch.

Now, here is a question for you... How many Sea Monkey habitats do I have?