Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lunch Crepes and a K

My mother use to make crepes in the summer for breakfast. They were very simple and filled with yogurt. She cooked them in our well seasoned cast iron pan. I always marveled on how she could tilt the heavy pan and they never stuck. Every time I attempted to make them, they stuck to the pan. Eventually I gave up and started to use a non stick pan. Sadly, the nonstick pan has never been able to reproduce her slightly crispy yet very pliable crepes.

Today I have made lunch crepes for the minions. They are filled with ham, cheese and spinach. To accompany them I have added a plumb, some carrots, and grapes resting in a bed of spinach. I also have the letter K made out of processed cheese. Why K? Because that was the only letter I could find.
Will the minions eat the spinach? Probably not. Still, it does not hurt to serve it to them. Last time I served them spinach I convinced them that dinosaurs ate it and if they were good dinosaurs they would too. All 3 put it in their mouths and spat the "leaves" out. Oh well, I tried. One day...


  1. Crepes are such a great idea! I have not made them in awhile. I loved your reason for using the K. So funny.

  2. Sad thing is, I still cannot find the rest of my letters or numbers.