Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zoo lunch Pt 1

I made this lunch for Clark's end of year picnic at the zoo. I had to pack 6 lunches with me that day plus anything I would need for a day out and about for 4 little ones and myself.

I decided to make it zoo themed. I also wanted to put it in a disposable container. The containers I used for this lunch were from grape. There was a little more room in the bottom of these to hide some pretzels and other food the minions could eat as a treat.

I decorated the outside of these with some foam

animals from the jungle theme foam animal packet that I found at Walmart. It runs about $5.

Under all you see on top is some carrots and pretzels. The top layer consists of a peanut butter and jelly lion, giraffe, and letter Z. Under the leg of the giraffe is a marshmallow. To the right I have a cup of blueberries and a strawberry. Also I included a small paper cup full of cheddar cheese cubes.


Pork and Tyke with their lunches (and my soda).


  1. Wonderful! I especially like how you decorated the container with stickers to match the theme. I love stickers.

  2. Thanks! The boys loved it too.