Thursday, July 26, 2012

Race night!

I know, at first glance this does not look like much. I was trying to make Winston Speedway in Rothbury, Mi.

On the back side of the track is a treeline and the highway. I used blueberries for my highway and kiwi slices for my treeline and field. On either side of the track there is a field/grass. So I used zucchini slices for that. The stands are made form sliced carrots. I even added in our 2 favorite race fans in turn 4 (the cheerios).

The dirt track is rolled ham with cheese on the inside. The center is a peanut butter sandwich. I also used a peach and blueberry to make a single racecar.  I saw this on Bent On Better Lunches. Cristi used an apple and grapes with toothpicks to make some pretty cute cars. I wanted something less functional. I have made the ones she has before and they boys were rolling those all over the table. So I used a dab of peanut butter to keep the wheels on the body.

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