Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Failed zombie lunch.

I had a request for ants on a log. So I made it for snack. Their snack tends to be less tossed about than their lunches. I opted for sharks again. Clark seems to really enjoy them. We have sliced peppers (which no one but the chickens eat), carrots, and ants on a log.

Today is a failed request. Karl asked for a zombie lunch. I couldn't find my zombie cookie cutters (halloween markdown cookie kit). I couldn't find my skull with the eye, nose, and mouth imprints either. All I had was the basic skull. I don't like getting up any sooner than I need to. So I used a dab of peanut butter to attach eyes and called it good. I have a mummy cupcake baking cup under the sandwiches with skeleton arm food picks. I also added the almost mandatory cheese stick with chocolate covered raisins under it. Grapes and baby carrots finish the lunch.

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