Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fish sandwich

My parents don't purchase toys for my kids as gifts very often. Most of the time it is a knit sweater (Karl loves them), books (Clark), or something else. My parents see the toys we have and figure they have too many. Well, even a few toys apiece times 6 kids adds up! This year, my parents gave Karl a pack of 101 cookie cutters made by Betty Crocker. Karl's response was "Cool! More sandwich cutters!" My mother was a little confused until I The Betty Crocker ones seem to be larger than my Wilton ones. So I think these will work a lot better for sandwiches. No, I'm not going to tell you how many cookie cutters I own. I may take a picture of it someday though.

For lunch we have sliced apples (dipped in salt water so they won't brown), carrots and celery, a cheese stick, fruit snacks, and fish shaped sandwiches. I used a dab of peanut butter to keep the eye on.

Snack was grapes with carrots and humus. I knew the humus would not be a hit. Still, I give it to them. I hope that one day they will acquire a taste for it. I know Clark does sometimes.

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