Monday, September 14, 2015

First day of school

Excuse my poor pictures. My camera is dead, I lost my phone, and I am using my Kindle for pictures. Not that I was ever the best at taking pictures, but I do try.

This year I have two 2nd graders and a 1st grader! So everyone gets a snack and a lunch.

For the first day of school I made a ninja lunch. I made sure to double check the ninja sword food pick with our principal first. The boys loved it. We have baby carrots, tomatoes (fresh from Aunt Agnes' garden), grapes, 2 ninja sandwiches, string cheese, and under the cheese we have chocolate covered raisins. 

First day of school snack consisted of grapes, carrots, and some hummus to dip it in. I was not sure how well the humus would be received. I was told it was interesting but they weren't interested in it again. I added a shark cupcake topper for fun.

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