Wednesday, April 4, 2012

C is for Coconut and Cat

Yes, I know I have done C several times now. Last night I had an older kitten come up to us and was crying. It was a skinny little thing. I am willing to bet she was from an unwanted litter. So we brought it inside the garage and fed it. This morning I gave it a flea bath and some wormer.

Anyway, in honor of our guest (and because the empanada reminded me of a cat head) the letter today is C again.
The cat's head is a chicken, bacon, ranch empanada made by Tyson I believe. I drew the face on with one of my food safe markers. Below that are some mini dill pickles, coconut pieces, and cheddar cheese cubes.

In the compartment next to that are some strawberries, grape tomatoes, black seedless grapes, and carrots cut into sticks. On top of that is a C cut out of wheat bread.

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