Sunday, April 15, 2012

S is for Soccer

Clark is in spring soccer! I was in a rush to make a dinner on the go. I really need to plan ahead better. Soccer practice is right at our dinner time.  I hate to feed the minions to early because it will throw them off. Then it makes it hard to get them to bed on time.

Anyway, yes, the soccer ball looks odd. Then again, his soccer ball they were given last year looks odd. It is orange with some odd lines on it. Not the typical soccer ball. Good thing for me Clark knew exactly what it was.

Under the processed cheese soccer ball there is a peanut butter sandwich. To the right of that are 9 animal cracker pieces, 9 squares of cheese, and 9 squares of turkey. The number 9 was cut out of bread and colored with food safe markers.

The bottom tier is yet another peanut butter sandwich under the cheese, grape tomatoes, and mango pieces.

This bento was purchased from All Things For Sale.

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