Sunday, April 1, 2012

D is for Dolphin

I know it has been a bit. I am sorry. I have had some personal problems recently.

Anyway, I chose to use the longer bento today because of the dolphin. I found a new bread cutter in the store with 2 dolphins and a heart in the center.

On the top I have sliced carrots, strawberries, and Colby cheese. To the right of that is pasta salad. Hidden from view there are some cucumber bits, black olives, and tomato mixed in with the tri colored pasta and Italian dressing. This was a bigger hit than I thought it would be. The number 15 is made out of a whole wheat tortilla and colored with food safe markers.

On the bottom is some folded deli turkey, a peanut butter dolphin and heart, and some baby dill pickles. The D is also cut out of a tortilla.

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