Monday, March 12, 2012

Unexpected Breakfast Bento.

This morning Clark woke up extra early and requested a box. I thought he meant a box to play in. It was only after  he started to roll his eyes back and do that odd head tilt he does that I realized that I was missing something. I asked him to show me the box he wanted. Clark opened up the bento drawer. So I let him pick out what box he wanted so I could fill it.

I made the minions several silver dollar sized whole wheat pancakes. I added a little honey into the batter so there was no need for sticky syrup. While I made those, I boiled some water for the eggs. I used my molds and made a car and fish. Each minion received half an egg which I decorated with food safe markers. To the right of the egg I have a piece of ham.

On the left side of the box I have some plain yogurt which I mixed with some strawberry jam. I did not realize I was out of normal yogurt until it was to late.  It tasted pretty good with the jam mixed in. I also cut up some strawberries and kiwi fruit for their morning fruit.

The box is my Sassy brand box which you can find at Meijer and Toys R Us. It has 3 removable dividers with tight fitting lids. I believe mine only cost me $5.99 and it comes in blue and pink.

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